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About Us

Our Professional Dog Grooming premises is located in Shop 5,16 Kenrose Street,Carina, Qld, 4152 near to Brisbane.

My name is Robyn and I have been involved in showing, grooming and breeding dogs since the 1970’s. Currently owning shih tzu, a link to my show dogs can be found on the links page.

I have known this salon and the groomers since it became “As Slick As A Dog”.

Having worked in the industry for quite a number of years and now having more time to run a business, with my children grown up and independent, I decided to purchase the salon that I knew and believed in. So from April 1, 2012, the salon became part of my life. I am fortunate with the top quality groomers I have ‘inherited’ and the fabulous work environment we have.

Our philosophy is "humanity not vanity" & our emphasis is on providing a top quality service to our clients.

We do not sedate dogs during grooming or at anytime during their stay with us.

This business was born out of our love of dogs and to see them well groomed and cared for in every way.
Our service reflects the passion to see this happen and we would love you to bring your canine friend in to see how we could best meet your needs.

Shop 5,
16 Kenrose Street,
Carina, Qld, 4152

Phone 07 33982219

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